1) As I take a tour, why doesn't the application show me my exact location?

UrbanWonderer uses Apple and Android Location Services, which, like any GPS system, are affected by a number of different factors, including satellite signal strength, weather conditions, and the presence of large buildings. (Fortunately, there are no large buildings in New York City.)

Under the very best conditions, these services can be accurate to just a few meters, but realistically, accuracy is limited to anywhere from 10 meters (under good conditions) to 30 meters (under poor). Fortunately, UrbanWonderer makes use of Google Maps, which displays street names (and even buildings in satellite mode), so following our tours (even on a cloudy day standing next to the Empire State Building) shouldn't be a problem.

2)When will new tours be available?

New tours will be available every 2-3 weeks. The UrbanWonderer app will automatically load these new tours when they become available.

3)Why does my phone need charging more often when I'm using UrbanWonderer?

Alas, location service on iPhone or Android phones is quite the battery hog, and we're afraid there's not much to be done about that. However, if you turn off your location services in your phone settings and just follow the given tour path, you will find that battery life is greatly improved.

4)You have several tours in Manhattan, but why are there no tours in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island?

First, the contributions of the four other boroughs to New York City's ethnic, cultural, and culinary diversity are what helps make this city great. We are very mindful of that fact. However, as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single trip to the loo. (Or something like that.)

Rest assured though that, as soon as humanly possible, we will be offering UrbanWonderer tours in all five boroughs. ("And a few other cities as well?") Please stay tuned....

5)I'd like to promote my company via the app. How can I do this?

We would love to speak with your company about banner advertising and sponsorship opportunities, so contact us at 732-492-4617 and we will work with you to get information about your business out to our diverse audience.

Please note, however, that there is a firm divide between our edi-TOUR-ial and promotional departments, so the opinions and recommendations offered in the tours are those of the guides, and they won't be swayed by anyone trying to throw cash at them.

Even a lot of cash.

("Okay, how much cash are we talking here?")

6)I have a great idea for a tour. Who can I tell? Could I create my own UrbanWonderer tour?

We welcome ideas for new tours, and you can send your ideas to, or give us a call at 732-492-4617 and let's discuss them together. This offer also extends to neighborhood associations, promotional groups, or anyone else interested in turning attention to sights and/or neighborhoods they are proud of.

We also welcome individuals interested in creating their own New York City audio tours. If you've got a passion for the city, your particular neighborhood, or maybe just your favorite watering holes, give us a call and we'll help you with all that needs to be done. Please note, though, that we reserve the right to approve the tours we offer, and/or to request changes to any third-party tours before offering them on UrbanWonderer.

7)I think there is a mistake in one of the audio presentations. Whom do I contact?

Guide beheadings are performed every Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 5pm, so just email us your corrections and we'll exact swift and proper retribution from the guilty guide party.

Seriously, the accuracy of our tours is our paramount concern, so if you think we've made an error, please let us know and we will correct the audio as quickly as possible. You can call us at 732-492-4617 and yell at us in person, or you can email us at And if we missed something on a tour that you think deserves note, please let us know as well. Our tours are updated frequently, and new sight spotlights are added on a regular basis.

And we want you to know we very much appreciate your contributions to making this an app that everyone will use, enjoy and trust.

8)Your app is great, but using it I almost ran into a tree, street sign, celebrity, etc.

You are touring a big city, so please exercise caution when using UrbanWonderer. There's no need to peer at our app when crossing streets — which is why we don't offer a city manhole tour — so turn all your attentions to navigating the busy city thoroughfares.

When you reach a sight spotlight, and you're ready to listen to the associated audio presentation, stop, step out of the general flow of pedestrians, and then listen to the audio in a safe, out-of-everyone's-way place. We have many more great tours in the planning stages, and we'd like you to be around to take them.