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UrbanWonderer Audio Tours
are the perfect self-guided way to discover New York City.

Whether it's your first NYC visit, or you are a city native, our tours are a wealth of in-depth, and often inside, information on the sights, the neighborhoods, the restaurants, and the nightlife that make this city great.

Feel free to browse UrbanWonderer's features by clicking the page indicator squares below.
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Just select one of our self-guided audio tours by tapping a tour listing. Each of our tours explores a variety of different sights, and new tours will be added every 2 weeks.

And all our tours have been created by a New York City Department of Consumer Affairs-licensed Sightseeing Guide, so you can be assured our tours are both accurate and up-to-date.
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Our app will then provide you with all the pertinent details of the tour, including who created it, how many sights the tour will visit, the starting location, and the category in which the tour falls.

If you decide you'd like to take this tour, just head for the starting location, tap the 'Select' button, and our app will do the rest. You can also take tours 'virtually', so whether you are in Central Park, or Central America, you can learn all about New York City as if you were walking the streets yourself.
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After the tour loads, a map will show you the entire tour route, as well as the area which the tour covers. Once you arrive in the starting location (denoted by the purple circle), just press the 'Start' button.
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The app will now zoom into the starting location, and, if you are walking the tour route (as opposed to taking the tour virtually), your location will be constantly updated and displayed on the map as you follow the path.

As you go, red icons denote important sights with audio narration. Tapping on the site will bring up a description of that site, and if you'd like to explore that particular site further, press the blue button.
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If you prefer, you can even see a satellite image of the tour route, and your location, as you take the tour.
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Each sight 'spotlight' displays a photo of the sight, and offers an audio presentation covering the sight in detail. And audio controls allow the listener to stop, pause, or rewind the presentation, so they can explore the sight at their own pace.

As a peek into one of our tours, we invite you to take a moment and learn all about Houston Street in SoHo, its origin, its contribution to the neighborhood's name, and perhaps most importantly, its unique pronunciation . Just click the play button below...

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A feature new to UrbanWonderer in version 2.0 allows you to share your New York experience, including the audio tour of the sight you're currently exploring, with friends or family via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, email or text message.
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And another new feature to UrbanWonderer 2.0 is the 'Select A Site' view, which allows you to scroll through all our audio tour sights by neighborhood.

Whether taking a 'virtual' vacation, or planning a future one, you can enjoy a 'New York Minute' any time the mood strikes...
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Tapping on a listing in the new sight view, in this case, "Sidewalk Map Floating...", lets you make a 'virtual stop' on the SoHo tour to examine the public art work of Belgian artist Francoise Schein.

Please click the play button below...